Affordable Cookstoves

This project makes and distributes cookstoves that reduce charcoal or wood use for cooking by over 50%. It cuts carbon emissions and deforestation while providing life-changing health benefits and cost savings to local families.

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How it works

90% of Ugandans burn wood or charcoal in an open fire that emits more heat to the air than it does to their cookpots. The Uga stove reduces the use of wood or charcoal by 50% because it burns the fuel thoroughly and efficiently and concentrates the heat from the fire directly to the cooking surface where it matters most. Less fuel burned used equals less greenhouse gas and toxic smoke emitted.

At scale, the dissemination of thousands of stoves from this project helps forests.  Less fuel means fewer trees are cut for wood and less charcoal is produced. Charcoal production does great harm to the environment requiring large logs and felled trees to be burned in mounds of earth for long periods of time.

  • Over 1 million tonnes of carbon are being reduced annually and the project is poised to expand
  • Each new stove reduces charcoal and wood consumption by 50 percent
  • Families save around $110 per year—20 percent of their annual income—by reduced fuel consumption
  • The use of 100,000 tonnes of charcoal is avoided each year. This eases deforestation of Uganda’s forests and reduces greenhouse emissions created during the production of charcoal
  • Creates jobs and income in an impoverished area
  • Significant investment is needed to develop stove manufacturing skills and to continue to expand popular awareness
  • Most families cannot afford to purchase a stove without carbon financing to bring down the cost and make the technology economically accessible to all
  • The project’s ultraconservative methodology of not counting second stoves in households, while highly protective of supporters, means less money for the project

Why we chose this project

The scale of stove distribution and successful usage, integrated with carbon finance, is very well demonstrated in this project. The project has distributed a large number of stoves in a short time and the audited financial reports clearly account for the sales of carbon credits. This sustained creditworthiness is very likely to attract many more partners in the future. A remarkable feature of this project is the quality of stoves manufactured locally—the stoves continue to work in excellent condition even after eight years of continuous operation.

-Sid Yadav, CEO Global Offset Research

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