Exceptional Qualities

June 21, 2018
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2.5 million people

benefited by this project

It is said that a leader needs more than an idea, more than a willingness to try, more than mere ambition, but a passion to succeed and a belief in advancement for all. Meet Betty Ikalany. Like you, she is an active supporter of this project, and she possesses these exceptional skills.

As a young woman, Betty knew what she wanted to do: create jobs, help women, alleviate poverty for fellow Ugandans, help restore the environment, and join the fight against climate change. That’s a big order, but when Betty heard about this project, she found her way.

In 2015, Betty started a company to make and sell improved cookstoves in Uganda with a staff of nine and sold 75 stoves per month. One year later, the team had expanded to 55 and sales to 500 stoves per month. The stoves reduced wood consumption by 50%, but, she asked, can we do better? She reinvested revenues to establish another company to make charcoal from peanut shells, which were left over from farming. This started to save forests, sell at half the cost of wood, and all while employing 77 people.

You, like Betty, made an exceptional decision to enable change. With your support, this project now benefits 2.5 million people in Uganda using over 510,000 improved cookstoves, reducing charcoal consumption by 700,000 tonnes, saving 11 million trees, and reducing carbon emissions by four million tonnes. That’s exceptional!

To everyone like you and Betty who have done something for this project, for their communities, and for the planet, 2.5 million people in Uganda say emphatically, “Thank you! You made this possible! Thank you for your support!”