Our Mission is to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Combining science, expertise, and transparency, we are creating a community built around one simple vision: give people the power and confidence to band together and reduce the carbon pollution that causes climate change.

How We Do It

We go above and beyond, holding the highest standards for our projects and their effectiveness. By doing so, we allow anyone to confidently and effectively fight against climate change.

Where We Started

We started in 1998 with clean-burning cookstoves. Since then, we’ve grown into a globally recognized non-profit platform that’s successfully reducing carbon pollution.

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Who We Are

Meet our crew of experts, advisors, and activists who work tirelessly to help Earth.

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How We're Sparking Change

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What People Are Saying

When you donate to a Cool Effect project, you are part of a community that’s passionate about saving the planet, one small action at a time. Check out what our members are saying:

Who We Work With

Thanks to our partners who are committed to spreading our message and measurably reducing carbon pollution.


From wind energy to clean-burning cookstoves, our range of projects make it easy to reduce carbon pollution and improve the lives of people around the world.