Our Team


Richard H. Lawrence, Jr.

“We want our projects to have long-term impact on both planet and community.”


Dee Lawrence

“We call it Cool Effect for a reason: small movements for big impact.”

Director of Marketing and Partnerships

Jodi Manning

“Our mission is to give others hope that they can be part of the solution.”

Director of Project Research

Sid Yadav

“Government has failed. So I work hard to pick projects that actually fight CO₂.”


Skye Lawrence

“Climate change is our test. If we succeed at this, we’ll achieve anything.”

Marketing Manager

Blake Lawrence

“It’s about collective effort. If we take action, we can solve climate change.”

Our Advisory Board

Robert Dubrow

Faculty Director, Yale Climate Change and Health Initiative

Ambassador Hector E. Morales, Jr.

Former Permanent Representative to the Organization of American States

Michael Wara

Director of Climate & Energy Policy Program, Stanford University

Pavel Molchanov

Sr. Vice President, Equity Research

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