Advisory Member

Robert Dubrow

“A healthy planet equals healthy people. Humankind will be dealing with the effects of climate change for centuries. Even if we stopped all greenhouse gas emissions tomorrow, we are still committed to another 0.5°C of warming due to climate inertia. But there is still a window of a few years during which we could avoid catastrophic climate change if we take bold action…We must address climate change because we have no choice.”

Dr. Robert Dubrow has been heavily involved in both the research and educational mission of Yale School of Public Health. Moved by what he sees as the greatest public health challenge in this century, Dr. Dubrow has committed himself to a new direction on education, training, and research on climate change and health. He serves as Faculty Director for a new Climate Change and Health Initiative at Yale School of Public Health, which aims to create a cohort of leaders dedicated to addressing climate change and health, establish an educational program on climate change and health for students across the university, and catalyze research on climate change and health utilizing Yale’s multidisciplinary expertise.

Dr. Dubrow lends his vast knowledge on climate change and health to Cool Effect as advisor.

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