Our History

How A Hurricane was Our Catalyst for Change

See how the Lawrence family’s volunteer efforts in Honduras inspired a better way to fight climate change.

Founders’ Letter

In 13 years of working to create and grow Proyecto Mirador, a Gold Standard carbon emission reduction project, we saw first-hand how simple technologies like cookstoves can fight climate change by reducing hundreds of thousands of tonnes of CO₂. At the same time, we saw that a project like Mirador is a powerful way to improve family health and economics while creating jobs and local businesses. Proyecto Mirador has been able to expand and bring clean cooking to families all over Honduras because of the sale of its carbon credits. We’re good for the planet and good for Hondurans.

One stove saves our planet 15 tonnes of carbon pollution.

We include ourselves among the 145 million Americans who are doing what they can to fight climate change, including recycling, buying renewable energy, lowering the thermostat, eating less meat, etc. Each small action is important. But, we remain troubled by the continued bad news about the effects our lifestyles are having on our planet and all the life it supports. That’s why we created Cool Effect.

At Cool Effect, each one of us can take immediate, tangible action to reduce climate change by supporting great carbon reduction projects like the one we created in Honduras.

Visiting our project which has built more than 130,000 clean stoves.

We pride ourselves on doing carbon correctly. Our scientists have independently vetted over 1,000 projects to find the ones you see on this site. We’ve included everything you might want to know—the price, the science, the challenges the project faces along with its benefits. We also routinely answer questions about these projects from scientists and non-scientists alike. We present all this information as clearly and transparently as possible. For example, we let you know that 90.13% goes directly to the projects and then give you the breakdown of our 9.87% fee. When you support a project, we’ll get back to you with interesting updates so you can see where your money has gone. Cool Effect is good for the planet and good for you.

We thank you for joining us in our growing community to help save the planet, one small step at a time.


Dee and Richard Lawrence

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