Voluntary Carbon Market

The Cool Effect Model

“We created our Model to bring integrity to the voluntary carbon market. It is essential if we are to achieve the success we seek and the planet requires.”

– Dee Lawrence, Co-Founder

Philosophy of Project Selection

Learn How an Idea Becomes a Carbon project

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Superior Projects
  • Listed on international standards with secure registries
  • Voluntary Carbon Market
  • 100% additional
  • Secondary development and social benefits beyond carbon
Focused Management Structure
  • Committed to reducing carbon emissions and to the activities of the project.
  • Revenue from the sale of carbon credits is directed to improving the project
  • Track record of regular involvement and participation in the project
Co-Benefits Long Duration
  • Committed to long-term quality
  • Financially sustainable
  • Committed to long-term crediting
Transparency in all aspects

Comprehensive Scientific Analysis

Completion of Cool Effect due diligence process

Site Visits
  • Determine the accuracy of project documentation
  • Understand the impact on a local level
Address critical variables of the project
  • Additionality
  • Baseline
  • Leakage
  • Emission reduction claims

The Sellers Pledge

Transparent pricing with a standard markup on every tonne: 9.87%
  • Both buyer and the developer know the price
  • Our fees are always fixed and fully disclosed

No hidden fees or undisclosed markups 

In some instances, Cool Effect invests capital to help a project grow in exchange for future credits and those credits will be sold at market price

Cool Effect is a registered 501(c)3

Deep Experience

Founders bring 14 years’ experience as developers, buyers and climate philanthropists

Non-profit status enhances integrity

Genuine partnership with clients and projects
  • Not simply transactional
  • Number of clients limited to ensure quality
  • Buyers at all levels benefit from negotiated prices that are based on higher volume purchases from our collective community
Understanding of what the buyers and sellers need
  • Tools to communicate internally and externally
  • Regular reporting on project details
  • Simple technology solutions
  • Employee programs

90%+ Directly to Projects

More than 90% of each dollar you donate goes directly to helping our projects, with a small fee of only 9.87% to help us cover payment processing, research, and possible registration fees.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • 1.5% Research Fee
  • 2–4% Payment Processing Fee
  • Registry Fee (where applicable)
  • Remainder for Cool Effect Administration Fee

Our Process

Our range of global projects are carefully selected, meticulously analyzed, and scientifically verified to reduce carbon emissions.

What This Means

Our strict evaluation process means you get a better, more sustainable way to make an impact. We hold nothing back, sharing our views, expertise, and vital stats on each project, all so you can get a clearer picture of how you’re helping reduce carbon emissions.

You’ve got the facts. It’s time to act.