Business Carbon Offset Calculator

Power usage is a major contributor to a business’s carbon footprint. Enter your data below to calculate your consumption, or if you want faster results, call your utility company and request renewable energy.

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Is your Carbon Offset Tax Deductible?

Yes! Cool Effect is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Your purchase is tax deductible in the U.S.


If you’re in a co-working space, estimate 100 square feet per person. If you are in a standard office, estimate 150 square feet per person.

If possible, group employees into “full.” For example, if you have 2 part-time employees who each work 50%, then count that as 1 employee. You can add part-time employees up to 2 decimal points. For example, a part-time employee who works 10 hours a week would account for 25% of a full week and can be logged as .25.

Please contact Cool Effect for assistance.

Reduce Your Business Footprint

Small changes can have a big impact. Switch to energy efficient lightbulbs and motion sensors. Try cutting red meat from team lunches, recycle responsibly, and compost if you can. Corporate-sponsored travel can increase your footprint dramatically. To calculate corporate travel go to Carbon Offset Flights.

Power Usage

  • Use renewable energy sources
  • Put your computers to sleep at night
  • Choose energy-efficient, ENERGY STAR certified IT equipment
  • If you have a data center, improve air flow to keep it cool


  • Use reusable coffee mugs, glasses, and other dinnerware
  • Purchase compostable paper supplies
  • Refrain from printing when possible
  • Replace bottled water with a filter


  • Use virtual meeting tools when possible
  • Choose train travel over air travel
  • Look for flights using biofuels, take a nonstop, and pack light
  • Carbon Offset Flights

Why Offset with Cool Effect?

Your Donation in Action

More than 90% of each dollar you donate goes directly to our projects. Only a small fee of 9.87% goes to credit card charges, research, and possible registration fees.

How Reducing Carbon Slows Climate Change

Carbon dioxide acts like a greenhouse around the earth, trapping the sun’s energy and warming the planet’s surface. As carbon levels rise, our climate changes.