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Earth-Friendly Business Practices

Whether you’re a startup or Fortune 500 company, neutralizing your carbon footprint is within your reach. We take pride in working with businesses of all sizes interested in sustainable practices.

Benefits of Carbon Credits

Purchasing carbon credits:

  • Bridges emission-reduction targets while longer-term activities are put in place.
  • Helps reduce emissions that cannot be eliminated any other way.
  • Provides an immediate solution for your business to become carbon neutral at a reasonable cost.
  • Encourages everyone in the company to think about the cost of emissions.
  • Promotes growth for projects that reduce carbon and provide secondary benefits.

Let’s work together.

Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

Our calculators provide a simple way to offset your carbon emissions.

How Your Business Can Help the Environment

There are many ways you can make a difference, and we offer a range of helpful tools, including educational materials, advice on calculating your footprint and sustainable business practices. Learn how to make your business more environmentally friendly.

Success Stories

Take a look at some of our recent programs and see how we’re helping companies of all sizes make a positive impact.

Large Buyer? This guide can help.

Check out the new comprehensive carbon offsets guide for corporate-sized companies. This extensive report provides important insights on carbon offset programs, common criticisms, and what makes a high-quality carbon offset for large-scale businesses.

Projects That Fight Climate Change

Cool Effect provides businesses a unique and transparent way to help people and heal the planet. Take a look at our certified projects available in any quantity for purchase. We offer volume discounts for large quantities. Contact us to get started today.

This project provides schools and orphanages with clean cookstoves that are healthy for students, save money for local communities, and reduce deforestation in Malawi.

We Are an Approved Nonprofit Partner

Cool Effect is a nonprofit partner of 1% for the Planet, an organization designed to help businesses of all sizes realize and act on their responsibility to protect our planet. A 1% for the Planet seal indicates that a business donates 1% of its annual sales to environmental nonprofits, and we’re proud to be a part of such a passionate, action-oriented global movement. 1% for the Planet does not have a special process for payments. Simply make your purchase with Cool Effect and let us know you heard about us from our friends at 1% for the Planet.

Our Approach

Our approach allows businesses to confidently fight climate change—whatever their shape and size. Unlike other providers, we add another layer of scrutiny to project documentation and, in many cases, personally visit projects on-site to verify carbon emission reductions and sustainable development claims. Because we are a nonprofit, our fee structure is transparent to both buyer and seller.

Programs That Are Scientifically Proven, Transparent, and Successful

Our range of programs is stable, sound, and allows companies and employees to make a difference. With total transparency, we offer companies many ways to take action and see results, whether they’re going completely carbon neutral, offsetting business and conference travel, calculating carbon footprints, or simply educating team members. Our experience has helped brands of all sizes take action against climate change.

We Let You See Everything

We share both the benefits and challenges of each project as well as the pertinent scientific documentation approved and accepted by international standards such as the Gold Standard, the Verified Carbon Standard, Plan Vivo, and the Climate Action Reserve. We are clear about our fees: we add 9.87% to the cost per tonne negotiated with the project.

A Nonprofit Without Bias

Cool Effect is a unique nonprofit that works with businesses and organizations of all sizes. We believe that every tonne counts, and that’s why we work hand-in-hand with companies to figure out the best projects and donations to fit their budgets and goals.

We Carefully Analyze Every Project

Our range of global projects is carefully selected, meticulously analyzed, and scientifically verified by a United Nations Designated Operational Entity or other qualified verifier to reduce carbon emissions. All of our projects must meet the toughest requirements of the world’s major carbon standards before we will consider it for our platform. We also conduct on-site visits to ensure the best business practices.

Still Have Questions?

Tell us more about your business and we’ll help you and your team make a difference. We’d love to hear from you!