Carbon Offset Calculator for Events

Offset events of all shapes and sizes, including travel for employees and speakers.


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How is this calculated?

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Air Travel for Staff

Optional: Enter the number of round-trip flights for employees and speakers. Attendees are responsible for offsetting their own travel.

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Total Event Offset
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Get a More Detailed Calculation

Some events require a more precise calculation. If you would like to calculate an event footprint in detail, including the number of meals, hotels, trucks, generators, and other unique items, please contact us for our in-depth calculator.

Tips to Reduce Your Footprint

Whether you fly less, cut out red meat from meals, or switch to energy-efficient lightbulbs, your small changes taken together can impact the climate crisis.


  • Organize shuttles to and from the airport
  • Host speakers and attendees in a green hotel
  • Reduce miles traveled by hiring local vendors


  • Rent reusable coffee mugs, glasses, plates, and silverware
  • Purchase compostable or high post-consumer waste content paper napkins and towels, and eat what’s on your plate
  • Replace bottled water with filtered water stations


  • Eliminate red meat from meals
  • Offer snacks separate from sandwiches, instead of boxed together
  • Work with a sustainably focused caterer

Why Offset With Cool Effect?

Your Donation in Action

More than 90% of each dollar you donate goes directly to our projects. Only a small fee of 9.87% goes to credit card charges, research, and possible registration fees.

Reducing Carbon Slows Climate Change

Carbon dioxide acts like a greenhouse around the earth, trapping the sun’s energy and warming the planet’s surface. As carbon levels rise, our climate changes.