Mirador Clean Cookstoves

This project works side-by side with local families across rural Honduras to build improved cookstoves that use just half the amount of wood of a traditional cookstove. When wood use is cut by half, so are CO₂ emissions.

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How it works

Open-fire cooking is wasteful, dirty, dangerous, and slow. These improved cookstoves are durable, cost-effective and meet all the family’s cooking needs. They are custom built of brick and mortar with chimneys, and the rocket elbow design means that it takes less wood to cook more food more quickly. Families save money by buying less wood or save time gathering wood, rid the house of smoke and, in a Dos por Tres, help save our planet.

  • 145,000 stoves created to date which benefit 650,000 people all tracked by GPS in a Salesforce database
  • 79% reduction in carbon monoxide and particulate matter inside the home
  • 18,000 hours of training a year focused on stove maintenance and tips to reduce fuel wood use
  • 21 microenterprises and 145 jobs created
  • Families do not buy a stove, they co-invest in one. They provide bricks and mortar, the project  provides construction, know-how and specialized stove parts
  • Honduras can be dangerous due to corruption, drugs and human trafficking
  • In Honduras, the decision to get a cookstove is usually up to the man of the home, who may not think it is important. This can restrict distribution of the stoves to needy families

Who it helps

Rural families and the planet!  This small domestic stove not only improves the lives of poor families, it reverberates globally to help save our environment.

One Step Can Be A Giant Leap

Read how one fine woman in rural Honduras, the delightfully enthusiastic Mrs. Reys, took a small step to make a huge change for herself, for her family and, ultimately, for all of us.

Why we chose this project

Quite simply, because it’s proven to work, and local support in Honduras is overwhelming. After families get a cookstove, they receive three follow-up visits to their household to ensure it’s installed and working correctly. On top of that, this project uses an up-to-date data management system to collect household data that verifies every stove is working correctly. And as a nonprofit, all of Mirador’s proceeds are used to build stoves in Honduras without administrative or other costs from U.S. staff.

-Sid Yadav, CEO Global Offset Research

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Mirador Clean Cookstoves

The smart and simple planet-saving solution

Mirador Clean Cookstoves

A journey of a thousand miles

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