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June 21, 2018
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22,500 stoves

installed in the past year

Doña Martinez is a lot of things, a good cook, a mother, a grandmother. One thing she was not was happy with her current cooking situation! Her stove made it difficult to breathe as she made her 25 tortillas every day. Some of her pots turned black with soot, and her kitchen was not a healthy place. Her husband wasn’t happy either. He had to collect a large quantity of wood to burn every day.

When she heard about a meeting hosted by her local mayor and Proyecto Mirador about a new stove that would fix all of these issues, she was in the front row! She provided her contact details for Mirador’s  Salesforce database and agreed to the maintenance program for her prospective stove. She also agreed to providing all the bricks and cement that are required. This was her commitment to a partnership with Proyecto Mirador. On the appointed day, Mirador project technicians came to her home with specialized stove parts, and, in about two hours’ time, her new stove was finished. She let it dry overnight and then started to use it the very next day.

Doña Martinez dotes on her grandson, who visits her almost every day. He loves trains. When he saw the new stove, he said, “Grandma, it looks like a train engine.” With her encouragement, her son and grandson gave the stove a new look. “All the children now come to see the stove,” she says, “They love it, and so do I!” And so does planet Earth.

Over 152,000 stoves have been installed by this project, including 22,500 in the past year alone, over 1 million tonnes of CO2  emissions have been prevented, new jobs have been created, and forests are being saved. This train is headed toward a better climate and a hopeful, sustainable future.

All aboard! Thank you so much for your support!