Hear the Future

June 21, 2018
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325,000 school children

benefit from this project

When 80% of the population cooks meals on inefficient open fires, forests are destroyed by the voracious demand for firewood. In Malawi, it is estimated that as much as 100,000 acres of forest are in this way destroyed every year. You are doing something to stop that, as are the school children in Malawi.

By installing efficient cookstoves at schools all across Malawi, over 325,000 school children are benefitting from this project. Those students were shown why the new stoves were so important, not only in helping the schools save money and serve meals every day but also by providing for the future of our planet by reducing wood consumption by 75%, saving forests from destruction and reducing carbon emissions by over 20,000 tonnes annually.

And as kids often do, they then asked a surprisingly good question: “Why don’t we plant more trees too?” Excellent idea. The result, again with the assistance of this project, is that participating schools have been given training to regenerate forests as part of their environmental education, and, in their spare time, the students and their teachers have already planted over 50,000 trees! Those students represent a new generation that is informed, committed, and motivated to create a better, sustainable future. They are the future, and the future looks bright…and green.

You took action, you supported this project, and you’ve made a difference. The future says Thank You! The schools say Thank You! The forests say Thank You! The climate says Thank You! Those students, busy reading their books, busy planting trees, say Thank You! That’s a lot of Thank Yous, and each is heartfelt and well deserved. Need it be said again? Yes, it does. Thank you!