Director of Product Management

Blake Lawrence

“The thing about climate change is that we can solve it. We don’t have to wait for a technological miracle, or hope for future government legislation. We just need to act. That’s what Cool Effect is all about, offering all of us the chance to reach out together, even in a small way, to really do something about climate change.”

Blake’s role at Cool Effect gives him a unique perspective on the fight against climate change and a deep understanding of how Americans are stepping up to take action. Each day, Blake calls on his experience with data and social media to grow our retention programs and communicate with our most valuable members—our donors. Blake manages the growth of our loyalty channels and is always testing new ways to engage our community. Blake has worked on both coasts in addition to traveling extensively around the globe to visit our projects and bring their stories to everyone engaged in the fight against the climate crisis.

Blake’s Favorite Project

Doo Doo Does More

“Biogas Digesters are amazing tools that fight methane pollution while also having a ton of secondary benefits!”