Costa Rica

Renewable Energy Wind Turbines

Help supply renewable energy to thousands of Costa Rican families with the construction of wind turbines.

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How it works

This project is building windmills in Los Santos, one of Costa Rica’s windiest regions, to generate 12.75 MW of energy, provide electricity to 50,000 people and save 11,000 tonnes of carbon emissions each year. The energy generated is sold to the government and revenues are shared by the community, funding the construction of local schools and public lighting projects. As the wind keeps blowing, the benefits keep growing.

  • Provides clean electricity for 50,000 people and 10,000+ households in rural Costa Rica
  • Prevents 11,000 tonnes of CO₂ from entering Earth’s atmosphere every year
  • Project proceeds flow back into the community in this impoverished area and help renovate schools and provide public lighting and services
  • Project offers environmental and renewable energy education to people from regions across Costa Rica
  • Increases tourism which provides a financial boost to local business
  • Expanding the project is costly and complex
  • Building turbines in Costa Rica’s mountains can be a long process and may include clearing land

Who it helps

Our planet! 11,000 tonnes of carbon pollution reduced to date is not just air!  This rural village has benefitted from new local jobs managing and repairing turbines, businesses have electricity to run with and ecotourism has boomed. People love the windmills so much, they’ve become a huge tourist attraction.

Creating Jobs, Creating Hope

Carlos owns a restaurant in Los Santos called La Paz where business has grown due to the wind energy project. Many of his customers such as Joaquin are technicians who work for the project. Joaquin loves his job and when he’s hundreds of feet in the air at the top of a turbine he says, “I see all of the greatness of Los Santos in front of me!”

Why we chose this project

Since the electricity sector in Costa Rica is highly regulated, implementing the Los Santos Wind Power Project was a huge challenge. Nonetheless, this community overcame financial and regulatory barriers to create the first Costa Rican project where financial benefits flowed directly back to the local community. Because of this model, their Cool Effect, and their desire for expansion, we’re giving their project our support.

-Sid Yadav, CEO Global Offset Research

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Renewable Energy Wind Turbines

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Renewable Energy Wind Turbines

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Renewable Energy Wind Turbines

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How we select our projects

We go the extra mile, or kilometer, make sure each project’s carbon-cutting is effective, and the use of funds is efficient.