New Horizons

June 21, 2018
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14,000 tonnes

of CO2 emissions reduced every year

Jaime and Kenneth grew up together in Los Santos. They went to school together, played together, helped each other with chores on their family farms. When the wind energy farm was being built nearby, they would go after school to watch the crews raise the turbines more than a hundred feet into the sky.

When the wind farm was completed, Jamie and Kenneth had electricity in their homes for the first time ever. Then more changes came to the community. Because the wind farm was built by a cooperative owned by the local residents and sells electricity back to the national power company, the project creates revenues that are reinvested in the Los Santos community for schools, infrastructure improvements, job training, and social benefits.

The improvements to local schools were dramatic. Jaime and Kenneth attended one of those schools, where they were introduced to the technology of the wind farm, the science of climate change, and the economics of sustainability. New horizons opened for them. In high school, they earned internships at the wind farm cooperative, and with good grades, both are now pursuing engineering degrees at the university, with financial assistance from the cooperative. After graduation they hope to work together to help expand the project to surrounding communities.

With your support, Jaime and Kenneth are about to embark on careers in renewable energy. The Los Santos community has been transformed. And because the wind farm produces 12.75 megawatts of clean electricity, avoiding as much as 14,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year, all of us may now look to a hopeful horizon, a sustainable future, and a healthier climate. Thank you! Thank you for your support!