It Works Amazingly Well

January 30, 2019
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MGW of electricity generated over 2018

Martin Corella does not punch a time card at work. No one does at the wind farm in Los Santos. Everyone reliably contributes. It is the spirit of the place. The people of Los Santos are a tight community, and they understand that their future is of their own making. When the national electricity company declined to provide electric service to their rural community, they decided to do it themselves and formed a cooperative in which all participate and all are owners.

Together they decided that renewable wind energy was the right way to go. Through their efforts and your donations, they built a wind farm producing 12.75 megawatts of electricity for 50,000 residents, avoiding over 14,000 tonnes of CO₂ emissions every year. That’s great for Los Santos and great for planet Earth.

Martin Corella is an engineer in charge of power generation at the wind farm. Martin has a job, to do and he gets it done, no matter what. People rely on him, and he relies on others. It works amazingly well.

Saving Earth is our shared responsibility. Like the people of Los Santos, that’s how we’re all getting the job done, for each other and for planet Earth.

Thank you for supporting this project, and Martin Corella, in 2018.