A Modern Success Story

March 6, 2018
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Los Santos residents provided with electricity

When the national electric power company of Costa Rica declined to provide electric service to the rural farming communities in Los Santos because it might be unprofitable, the people of Los Santos decided to do it themselves. In the process, they showed the power company how it could be done profitably and sustainably. First, the community decided on renewable wind energy. Then, they formed a cooperative to build and manage the project, owned by local residents. With financing from local banks and carbon credits, the resulting wind farm produces 12.75 megawatts of electricity for 50,000 Los Santos residents and avoids as much as 14,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year. By selling power from the wind farm back to the national power company, the project has created revenue that is being reinvested in the community for schools, infrastructure improvements, and job training. The Los Santos area is thriving. Your support has made this project a renowned success. It is proof that renewable energy is economically viable, that united communities have the power to overcome, and that a future without climate change is within our grasp. Thank you for your support!