Lasting Accomplishment

March 6, 2018
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of deforestation has declined

There is a movement afoot in the great Makira rainforest of Madagascar. Local communities, full of youthful energy and the excitement of new ideas, are calling on everyone in Makira to act now to protect the rainforest and preserve it for generations to come. Meet Johnnah, a bright young man trained by this project in environmental education. Johnnah works with the people of Makira to help them manage the forest and to introduce new ways of living sustainably in this delicate and important ecosystem. Johnnah’s great talent is teaching people how to learn for themselves. He often uses computers and digital technology provided by the project. He taught one village how to build a fish farm as an alternative to hunting lemurs for food, helping save them from the brink of extinction. Another learned how to regenerate mangroves as a steady source of wood outside the rainforest. Still others have developed new crops that thrive in the climate, reducing slash-and-burn agriculture and deforestation. Advancements are shared regionally. To empower all that local energy and activism, this project provides guidance and resources to transform fresh ideas into lasting accomplishments. The results are amazing. Deforestation in Makira has already declined by 93%. Given that the world’s rainforests absorb nearly five billion tonnes of CO2 every year from our atmosphere, this project is a vital and exemplary leader navigating our planet to a better, sustainable future. Johnnah, and all the people of Makira—along with those precious lemurs—send a warm and enthusiastic “Thank you for your support!”