A Good Decision

March 6, 2018
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tonnes of CO2 reduced every year!

Jayala, who lives in rural India, is capable and certain of her priorities. She cares for her family and helps manage the family farm including seven cattle. But collecting firewood, most definitely, is not one of her priorities. The widespread use of firewood as cooking fuel in Jayala’s village is decimating forests throughout India and taking at least two full days of every week to collect. When Jayala heard about this project’s program to install biogas digesters that convert animal waste into clean cooking fuel, she saw the potential. She made the necessary preparations and installed a biogas digester on the family farm. Jayala gladly lists its advantages:
  • Clean methane fuel for her household
  • No more firewood collection, no more harmful household smoke
  • Organic fertilizer from the biogas digester is free and helps the family crops
  • Excess fertilizer is sold to other local farmers, providing extra family income
  • Local forests stay green
  • She is able to spend more productive time with her family
  • And, she smiles, she is helping the planet combat climate change
Nearly 17,000 biogas digesters have been installed, helping Mother Earth by eliminating 26,000 tonnes of CO2 every year and empowering people like Jayala, and many like her, to join the effort to create a better, sustainable future.  Thank you for your support!