— The Hopeful Song of the Yellow-Talked Cuckoo

The Hopeful Song of the Yellow-Talked Cuckoo

March 6, 2018
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methane tonnes reduced annually for the Native American Methane Capture project

The Yellow-Tailed Cuckoo is the honored symbol of this gift pack. Populations of this beautiful bird have suffered alarming declines in recent decades because of climate change. If you hear urgency in this bird’s song, then you understand the importance of supporting the projects in this gift package. Carbon dioxide is the most notorious of greenhouse gases; however, methane and nitrous oxide are even more harmful to our atmosphere. The projects in the Cuckoo Combo Gift package are working to mitigate this damage:
  • The Native American Methane Capture Project is reducing methane emissions by the equivalent of 60,000 tonnes annually.
  • The Nitrous Oxide Abatement Project is reducing N2O emissions by the equivalent of 200,000 tonnes every year and is helping farmers join the fight against climate change with sustainable cultivation practices.
When next you hear the welcome song of the Yellow-Tailed Cuckoo, you will hear sweet notes of hope. These projects are succeeding in the fight to combat climate change and sending gratitude. Thank you for your support!