Dee Lawrence

“We call it Cool Effect for a reason. It follows on the “butterfly effect,” that small movements can have big impacts. This chaos theory term was initially applied to weather patterns where a group of butterflies flapping their wings in one place could cause a tornado in another. We intend to have the same effect on climate change. Your donation to projects that actually reduce greenhouse gas emissions is amplified by many other like-minded people and comes together to create an impact on an overwhelming problem. A Cool Effect for sure!”

Dee Lawrence used her skills from 25 years in marketing and advertising to promote and grow Proyecto Mirador, a 13-year family effort to reduce smoke from indoor cookfires in Honduras. She helped create a project with social benefits that could also, with considerable science and third-party verification, cut emissions of carbon dioxide (CO₂). For any good marketer or philanthropist, this is an irresistible combination; a high-impact intervention that delivers daily health benefits to women and children while also reducing global warming greenhouse gas emissions.

As the issue of climate change became big news, a frustration and a desire among Americans to take action grew. This sparked an idea between Dee and her husband Richard. If Mirador was verifiably reducing CO₂, why couldn’t it be grouped with other projects doing the same thing? Why not make it possible for people to actually buy the tonnes of verified emission reductions that fight climate change? From these questions, Cool Effect was born. Now Dee works every day to educate people that there is something measurable and verifiable that they can do to save our planet, all while helping people at the same time.

Dee’s Favorite Project

All of them

“Every project is special to me. Cool Effect has helped give them all a voice.”