Manager of Project Relations

Elsy Alvarado

“I’ve always had a deep interest in volunteering for non-profit organizations. In my opinion, they are essential in fostering global well-being as they have always stood in the forefront in advocating for change. I joined Cool Effect because it not only engages in combatting climate change, but it also champions social change in rural communities worldwide through the sale of high-quality carbon credits.”

“Being part of Cool Effect allows me to witness firsthand the remarkable and transformative effects that even a modest-sized non-profit can bring to the world. It’s truly an honor to contribute to such impactful work.”

Elsy joins Cool Effect with 25 years of project finance experience in the software industry. Her career began in consulting with Accenture, where she worked with numerous Silicon Valley companies. Before joining Cool Effect, she served as an accounting manager for a local security software company in Marin County. She holds a bachelor’s degree in international business and an MBA in Finance. Additionally, she has been actively involved in charity work in Marin County during events such as the Santa Rosa/Napa fires and the Ukrainian war refugee’s crisis. Elsy officially joined Cool Effect in June 2022.

Elsy's Favorite Project

Seeing the Forest for the Trees

“This small community-based Improved Forestry Management project encourages residents to preserve and grow the biomass in their standing forests despite multiple opportunities to cut trees for profit or for increased grazing opportunities.”