Jodi Manning

“I grew up on a ranch and saw how multiple generations of my family loved the land and cared for it over the course of decades. The land provided for our family, and we in turn provided for the land. But climate change is threatening to break that bond. Every day, we are working to be part of the solution. Our mission is to give others hope that they can be part of the solution too. There is still time to restore our planet’s future for generations to come.”

As Director of Marketing for Cool Effect, Jodi Manning is responsible for nurturing the Cool Effect community and for providing simple ways for anyone to reduce carbon pollution. “Cool Effect,” Jodi says, “is so much more than a platform. It is a warm and welcoming way for individuals or brands to join the fight against climate change, knowing that their action—whether big or small—is going to make a difference.”

Prior to joining Cool Effect, Jodi was SVP of digital strategy and content for Touchstorm, where she led the delivery team for Fortune 500 companies interested in using video as new media. Previously, Jodi served as Creative Director at Digitas, Arnold Communications, and Ogilvy & Mather.

Jodi resides in the Bay Area with her family and is an enthusiast of local food and the environment that fosters it.

Jodi’s Favorite Project

Grass is Greener

“Grasslands are disappearing faster than the Amazon Rainforest, so protecting them is vitally important to fighting climate change.”