— Amazing People

Amazing People

June 21, 2018
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2 million tonnes

of CO2 reduced each year

By supporting all of the projects in the Cool Effect portfolio, you have helped planet Earth fight climate change, and you have influenced the lives of some truly amazing people. Please allow us to introduce them.

By using biogas digester technology, Thuy Nguyen in Vietnam, Ashwathamma in India, and Huang Ming in China, have improved their lives and dramatically improved our environment. These projects together have helped to save forests and reduced carbon emissions by over 1.1 million tonnes every year.

Jaime and Kenneth, who live in Los Santos, Costa Rica, were inspired to dedicate their careers to sustainability because this wind farm project benefits 50,000 people and reduces CO2 emissions by 14,000 tonnes every year.

Zoila Álvarez in the Alto Mayo Rainforest in Peru and Dr. Alison Clausen in the Makira National Rainforest in Madagascar help to save thousands of hectares of precious forest and to reduce carbon emission into our atmosphere by over one million tonnes annually.

Doña Martinez in Honduras, Teofilo Pinto in Peru, Betty Ikalany in Uganda, and 325,000 school children in Malawi have all seen the improvements that efficient cookstoves bring to their lives and to the environment. These projects save millions of trees and reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere by nearly two million tonnes a year.

The stories of each of these amazing people can be read here, but know first that each of them, along with millions of others who benefit from these climate-saving projects, wish to acknowledge another amazing person. You. Thank you! Thank you for your support! You’re amazing!