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Part of Cool Effect’s mission is to educate individuals on global warming and the role carbon offsets play in helping us offset our emissions.

A 5 Minute Guide to Carbon Offsets

Global climate strikes, United Nations reports, extreme weather events — the climate crisis is undeniably reaching into every aspect of the average American’s day-to-day life. The question lingering in most (reasonable) minds is “What can I do?” The carbon footprint of an average American is 16.6 tonnes. To help visualize that impact, one tonne = [...]

Sundarbans Mangrove Restoration

Before a carbon project is allowed onto the Cool Effect platform, our team thoroughly vets its science and financials to ensure that it’s viable, high quality and meets our Carbon Done Correctly criteria. Even then, there are some things that numbers can’t tell you. In order to get the full story on a potential Cool [...]

Fertile Ground

Northwest of Dehli in the center of India as well as in a location outside of Lucknow, another carbon project is using carbon finance-funded technology to help farmers adopt new and improved agricultural practices, something we refer to as The Good on The Ground. When it comes to agriculture, India’s most prevalent crops include rice [...]

For Peat’s Sake

We knew before our recent visit to The Katingan Mentaya Project in Indonesia (home to For Peat’s Sake on our platform) that the impact of carbon finance on this region and its people was significant, but once we were there, the true magnitude of this project’s benefits began to sink in. Palm oil production, acacia [...]

Carbon Pricing 101

Carbon pricing 101 We have a saying here at Cool Effect: “Do your best, and offset the rest.” We say it because offsets are not some silver bullet, they’re designed to help you reduce emissions you otherwise can’t through conventional climate actions. Our friend Christiana Figueres said it well: “Done with integrity, with decent rules [...]

Our Climate Faces Catastrophe. But High-Quality Carbon Offsets Are Showing Results

Our Climate Faces Catastrophe. But High-Quality Carbon Offsets Are Showing Results. Dee Lawrence and her family traveled to rural Honduras in 2002 to translate for and help support health care providers who were caring for residents in the wake of a devastating hurricane. The trip ended up transforming the lives of residents and Lawrence herself, [...]

IPCC Code Red For Humanity

Code Red for Humanity On Monday, August 9th the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its 6th annual scientific report on Earth’s climate system. The report has immediately been referred to as “Code Red for Humanity.” Here are several notable highlights from the 3,949-page report: 1. It is unequivocal that human influence has warmed [...]

Important Definitions in the Carbon Market

The ABCs of Carbon Offsetting: Definitions of Common Terms in the Carbon Market Cool Effect intends to promote the highest quality carbon offset (emission reduction) projects in the world under the Cool Effect program of Carbon Done Correctly. However, we are often asked, “What is the definition of “high quality”? Consider these handy definitions (with a [...]

What Makes a High-Quality Carbon Offset?

What Makes a High-Quality Carbon Offset? Since Day 1, Cool Effect is committed to transparency, it is at the forefront of everything we do. From our pricing of carbon offsets to our administrative fees, to our rejection of any hidden costs, to our guarantee that every single project on our platform has been thoroughly vetted [...]

How to Become a Certified Carbon Neutral Company

Why You Should Join the Ranks of Carbon Neutral Companies Many climate change issues are connected to our global continued growth in carbon emissions. In 2015, the Paris agreement required nearly every country in the world to commit to a specified emission reduction target. The private sector has been under pressure from consumers, employees and [...]

Carbon Sequestration – Methods, Types & Credits

What is Carbon Sequestration? Since the industrial revolution, we have seen sizable increases in greenhouse gases (GHGs) emitted into the atmosphere. In fact, emissions have grown exponentially every year so that in 1970 the carbon component in the atmosphere was 325 parts per million and in 2019 it was 409 parts per million. This annual [...]