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Part of Cool Effect’s mission is to educate individuals on global warming and the role carbon offsets play in helping us offset our emissions.

Our Cool 2020 Rewind

Dear Community Members, This past year, amid multiple global challenges, Cool Effect saw unprecedented action from its community. The collective action of our community: Retired over 1 million metric tons of harmful greenhouse gases Helped 7 high-quality carbon projects meet their goals and retire all available carbon credits. Now these projects are investing in improvements [...]

Carbon Neutrality: What it is & Why it Matters

Individuals and Companies throughout the U.S realize that we have a climate crisis on our hands and that it requires urgent solutions. As a result, these organizations and are stepping up to reduce emissions in ways never seen before. Everyone is asking, how can I or how can my business become carbon neutral. What does [...]

The Seller’s Pledge: How We Ensure Carbon Done Correctly

Since Day 1, Cool Effect has put transparency at the forefront of everything we do. From our pricing of carbon offsets to our administrative fees, to our rejection of any hidden markups, to our guarantee that every single project on our platform has been thoroughly vetted and triple-verified, we feel that there’s no better way to [...]

Powering Projects with Carbon Credits

The latest climate change fighting project on our platform might sound a little complicated at first, but believe us — it’s as easy as AC/DC. Our newest project, based in rural India, helps replace inefficient fossil fuel sources like kerosene lamps by assisting with the maintenance of rooftop solar panels, which provide over 40,000 rural [...]

Ten Tips for A Carbon Neutral(ish) 2020 from the Cool Effect Community

Cool Effect is more than just an easy way to verifiably take action against climate change. We’re more than our incredible collection of triple verified carbon reducing projects. And there’s a lot more to us than the close to 2 million tonnes of CO₂ we’ve successfully kept from wreaking havoc on the planet’s atmosphere. At the end [...]

A 5 Minute Guide to Carbon Offsets

Global climate strikes, United Nations reports, extreme weather events — the climate crisis is undeniably reaching into every aspect of the average American’s day-to-day life. The question lingering in most (reasonable) minds is “What can I do?” The carbon footprint of an average American is 16.6 tonnes. To help visualize that impact, one tonne = [...]

Marching Toward Carbon Done Correctly

From radical suggestions like having fewer children to more practical solutions like eliminating meat from your diet, you’ve probably come across dozens of lists touting the “ten ways to reduce your carbon footprint”. While ambitious, it’s not always feasible to consistently implement some of the recommended tactics. For example, individuals could opt to fly less [...]