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Part of Cool Effect’s mission is to educate individuals on global warming and the role carbon offsets play in helping us offset our emissions.

A 5 Minute Guide to Carbon Offsets

Global climate strikes, United Nations reports, extreme weather events — the climate crisis is undeniably reaching into every aspect of the average American’s day-to-day life. The question lingering in most (reasonable) minds is “What can I do?” The carbon footprint of an average American is 16.6 tonnes. To help visualize that impact, one tonne = [...]

The Business of Climate: 2020 Rewind

Dear Colleagues, We begin 2021 with new hope for the climate. We asked you to share your thoughts in our recent poll. The results are telling: 67% report that sustainability ranks as a Top 3 corporate goal for 2021 35% report that your company’s interest in sustainability is being driven by employees with 32% reporting [...]

The Carbon Cycle: Questions and Answers For The Future

Today’s concerns for food production, human migration, and water management are all intimately connected with the carbon cycle and how human activity affects it. If you want to take an informed position on nearly any issue that concerns the environment, you should understand how the carbon cycle works. In this article, we will work to [...]

What is Carbon Farming?

Carbon farming has recently appeared in the news as a set of agricultural practices that promises to help alleviate CO2 issues and combat global warming. However, this area in agriculture science is still under development, and there are many questions as to how farmers, companies, and governments can carry out the practices described in carbon [...]

The Importance of Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability has become one of the most common phrases in discussions about climate change. The importance of environmental sustainability can have a significant impact in the fight against the climate crisis. However, many people aren’t clear on what it is or what practical steps to take as individuals or as a company. What is [...]

Creative Climate Change Solutions for the 21st Century

Climate change has become one of the most pressing issues of our time. Finding creative and effective solutions to climate change—including ways to stop global warming—is one of the most debated and complex topics for scientists and world leaders alike. The health of humanity and our planet is at stake and, with it, the survival [...]

Greenwashing: What It Is & How to Avoid It

As the climate crisis increasingly dominates headlines and consumer culture, companies are stepping up their efforts to reduce their environmental impact. Businesses of all sizes are implementing a range of sustainable practices and highlighting their commitment to climate-friendly initiatives. While most businesses implements meaningful carbon-reducing initiatives, there are some that misrepresent their products or activities [...]

The Different Ways Businesses Can Reduce their Carbon Footprint

How Businesses are Reducing their Carbon Footprint Regardless of the size and structure of your business, you can create standards and protocols to make your company carbon neutral. There are several ways businesses can reduce their carbon footprint. This process begins by understanding the emissions generated by your company and tracking your current carbon footprint. [...]

Carbon Footprint: What it is & How to Reduce your Footprint

What is Carbon Footprint & How to Reduce Carbon Emissions Climate Change is being felt around the world. Every year we see irrevocable damage melting the polar ice sheets leading to rising sea levels. Increasingly disastrous weather, extreme heat, and fires as well as dramatic increases in ocean temperatures are changing the planet as we [...]

Ways to Reduce Greenhouse Gasses

How to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions | Cool Effect Climate change is ever-present and can be impacted positively or negatively by the choices we make. We must pay close attention to how our actions affect our future on this planet. You might ask How to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions? One of the best ways to [...]

Carbon Credits: How They Work & How to Buy Them

What are Carbon Credits? How They Work & Market Price Saving the environment will take everyone. Individual efforts and local initiatives are essential, but we need worldwide policies and voluntary action from companies to ensure we meet our targets for lowering emissions. Carbon offsets are simple way companies of all sizes contribute to positive change [...]