The Business of Climate: 2020 Rewind

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Dear Colleagues,

We begin 2021 with new hope for the climate. We asked you to share your thoughts in our recent poll. The results are telling:

  • 67% report that sustainability ranks as a Top 3 corporate goal for 2021
  • 35% report that your company’s interest in sustainability is being driven by employees with 32% reporting that it is being driven by upper management, the board or stockholders.
  • Over 70% say they are “just getting started”

This data is consistent across all sizes of businesses ranging from Fortune 500 tech companies with public goals to local small businesses looking to offset travel. Every business that reaches out wants to do the right thing, and every business wants to know that their dollars will make a difference in the fight against the climate crisis.

We continue to participate in discussions around specific definitions of “carbon neutrality” and, undoubtedly, it is a moving target. As requirements unfold, we are working with each of you to define the best path for 2021. This usually includes a discussion of internal challenges and communication options. One thing we have learned is that there is no ‘one size fits all’ for businesses. It is much better to get started, even if that means starting small, rather than become paralyzed by the unknown.

If you haven’t seen our new FAQ for businesses, please check it out. In the coming months, Cool Effect will be launching new tools including:

  • Video content on our most frequently asked questions including basics such as “Why are the prices different?” and “What is your criteria for a high-quality offset?”
  • More details on why our project team chooses each project
  • Education and purchase options for carbon avoidance, carbon sequestration, and carbon removal projects. Our Blue Carbon project is back!

Thought leadership on the state of the carbon market leading up to COP 26 from our founders who have over 20 years’ experience and have driven much of the change for our planet.

Sustainability is a journey. As we navigate a complex year, we’re here to help. Write to us any time.

Jodi Manning

VP Director of Marketing and Partnerships