Getting to Unstoppable

September 7, 2018
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improved cookstoves throughout Uganda

Great ideas can change the world. The wheel, for instance, the steam engine, the telephone, etc. But it is not just coming up with the idea, it’s transforming it into reality that counts.

There is another great idea out there. The efficient cookstove. Basic, but revolutionary. Here’s why: over 90% of the population in Uganda cooks their meals on open fires. That’s a lot of wood being burned, a lot of forest being destroyed, and a lot of climate-warming carbon being released into the atmosphere. A single efficient cookstove, like those supported by this project, can reduce wood consumption by half, and eliminate 2.8 tonnes of CO₂ emissions every year. A single stove. That is a great idea.

With your support, this project is generating momentum—with amazing success. Already, there are over 500,000 efficient cookstoves in use from this project in Uganda, benefitting 2.5 million people. Carbon emissions have been reduced by 4 million tonnes, and 11 million trees have been saved.

Let’s keep that momentum going. So many good people are helping, like Farooq, who is striving to increase production at his stove factory; Rehema, who capably sells the stoves in her store; and Betty, who owns a stove and enthusiastically spreads the word to her neighbors and friends. Your support has helped to make all of this happen, to make a great idea become a reality, and to make the fight against climate change relevant. Thank you!