Irrepressible Harriet

August 8, 2017
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improved cookstoves throughout Uganda

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Harriet is determined that her daughters will finish their education.

In rural Uganda, where women often work 15 to 18 hours a day in household chores and in farming the family plot, many young women are forced to drop out of school to help the family pay its way.

Harriet has another idea for her family. Determined to find a way, she opened a restaurant in Kawempe, Uganda, outside of Kampala. “I almost closed down my restaurant after the first three months because of the high cost of charcoal. Then I heard about the improved cookstoves,” Harriet says. Harriet was able to reduce the use of charcoal by 50%, which made all the difference, and her restaurant has become a thriving and profitable business. Harriet is now able to pay her children’s school fees and is even able to save another $300 a year, which she invests in a local investment club for women.

With your support, this project has recently achieved the impressive milestone of providing 500,000 improved cookstoves throughout Uganda. Carbon emissions have been reduced by 3.5 million tonnes, and charcoal use by 630,000 tonnes. Amazing, what you have helped to accomplish.

Two and a half million people who have benefitted from this project, including the irrepressible Harriet and these two young women thriving in their education, send a resounding “Thank you!”