How Anita became a 21st-century banker

August 8, 2017
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Anita, characteristically, decided not to wait. She decided to take action. In the remote and dusty farming community in Bagepalli, India, where the ancient and annual rhythm of crops sets the tempo of lives far removed from the whirlwind of modernity, Anita became a 21st-century banker.

The thing is, crops were booming in Bagepalli. The new organic fertilizer increased the yield and quality of local produce so much that, for the first time, local farmers were able to sell their crops in regional markets. Incomes rose, and banking services were required for deposits, withdrawals, and microfinance. But the banks were 2–3 hours away. So, Anita stepped in, organized everything, and became the financial go-between for the local community and the distant banks.

Anita was one of the first in Bagepalli to install a biogas system at her home. Converting animal waste into clean biofuel freed several hours of Anita’s day from collecting firewood and cleaning up. Neighbors were impressed, so Anita used her extra time to help other women in the community install biogas systems.

That new organic fertilizer? It is a by-product of the biogas systems. The fertilizer created the economic boom. The boom necessitated banking. And that’s how Anita became a banker. We sense that this is not the end of the story of Bagepalli’s success, nor is it the beginning. The beginning of the story is you.

With your support, biogas systems are continually being installed in Bagepalli to eliminate the use of firewood as cooking fuel and significantly reduce CO₂ emissions into the atmosphere. You know the rest of the story. Anita and all of the people of Bagepalli say, “Thank you!”