Qori Q’Oncha Cookstoves

Replacing open fires with cookstoves helps burn less wood. Less wood = less carbon pollution.

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How it works

Cookstoves that burn wood more efficiently are replacing three stone fires or simple terracotta stoves. The new stove combusts wood more efficiently and has a chimney so smoke is naturally drawn out of the house. With less smoke inside the house, children are now healthier. On average, this stove burns 1.9 tonnes of wood less per family per year. Less wood also means families save money buying fuel or time gathering it, while conserving local forests. Families can also take comfort in knowing repairs are funded by the project, which extends the life of the cookstove and ensures clean air for years to come.

  • Reduced carbon emissions by 1 million tonnes with the installation of over 100,000 stoves
  • Stoves are constructed with local materials by local people
  • Saves families $40 of wood per month with each family using 39% less wood each year
  • This project provides repairs when needed to keep the stoves in great condition and extend their lifespans
  • Most families need help financing a new stove that is unavailble in rural Peru
  • Transportation costs are high due to lack of infrastructure in the country and the mountainous region
  • Families need education on use of the technology, as it changes common ways of cooking that are part of their culture

Who it helps

To date, more than 107,000 Peruvian families have received a new cookstove. Smoke goes outside the home, meals are cooked faster, kids are healthier, and families save money and time. Peru is also home to 70% of the world’s tropical glaciers. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in single homes works to collectively preserve the beauty of Peru and the planet.

The Little Cookstove That Could

Eutemio Miraval of Huanuco has witnessed firsthand the transformative power of this project.

“It has been one year since we have installed the stove. With the improved cookstove, all the smoke escapes through the chimney. Inside the house, it is all clean, which gives us tranquility because the children are not uncomfortable anymore. Before, we were constantly using a lot of firewood, but now, since last year, I still have my firewood stored because the improved stove consumes a lot less firewood. And the children are healthy, they have no more issues.”

Why we chose this project

The monitoring and execution by local project partners are exceptional; the cookstove diffusion scheme is designed locally and considers the geographical and logistical context, which has helped improve monitoring and maintenance. The cookstove efficiency has improved due to excellent monitoring, and drop-off rates continue to be very low.

-Sid Yadav, CEO Global Offset Research

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