Biogas Digesters for Farmers

Biogas digesters transform poo into power by capturing the methane poo releases and channeling it into homes for clean fuel.

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How it works

A biodigester is a mechanical stomach that converts biological waste (a.k.a. poo) into energy. To achieve this transformation, the waste is mixed with water inside the digester. Bacteria decomposes the sludge and produces methane. The digester then directs the gas into homes where it is used for cooking or lighting. And one more thing: the process also creates a sustainable organic fertilizer that enhances crop production.

  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by over 6 tonnes a year per family
  • Increases employment by training locals as masons and technicians
  • Improves public health and odor issues through waste management and reduces cases of ALRI (acute lower respiratory infection)
  • Preserves the forest by decreasing reliance on wood for fuel
  • Improves quality of life by reducing the daily work required for locals by 1.5-2 hours
  • More people need to be trained in construction to continue the growth of this industry
  • While the project receives 90% of your support, 10% goes to the project’s nonprofit development partner

Who it helps

Your donation will benefit locals who receive clean energy, masons who receive employment training, families who are saved hours of daily work, and lungs which will be made healthier. Added bonus: you’ll also provide hope for the 7.4 billion+ people who call the Earth home.

More Time For Mom

Thanks to biogas digesters, Mrs. Nguyen of the Thai Nguyen province no longer has to collect firewood for cooking. This means she has up to two additional hours that she can spend with her three kids. Mrs. Nguyen spends much of this time educating her children to supplement what they learn in their village school. We are inspired by the profound effect this project has had on her family and many others in Vietnam.

Why we chose this project

Biogas projects are not easy to execute in developing countries because of the high initial cost of construction and maintenance issues that are attributed to the design of biodigesters and their acclimatization to local environmental conditions.

Despite biogas digesters being manually operated, the waste collection system is designed in a way that minimizes human contact with the waste. The project’s greenhouse gas quantification procedures are complex, but we have found that the calculations are correct and conservative.

-Sid Yadav, CEO Global Offset Research

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Biogas Digesters for Farmers

Changing lives, fighting climate change

Biogas Digesters for Farmers

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Biogas Digesters for Farmers

One person's waste is a whole community's lifeline

Biogas Digesters for Farmers

Helping moms-and Mother Earth

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