Changing lives, fighting climate change

November 16, 2017
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biogas digesters already in use!

With your generous support, this project is helping families continue to use and maintain the biogas digesters in their homes. Each biogas system, using animal and kitchen waste to create clean cooking fuel and fertilizer for their crops, eliminates the need for firewood, saves forests, and reduces carbon emissions by 6.8 tonnes every year.

In addition to a cleaner environment, the project also creates jobs for local people to build and maintain the systems. Before a biogas system was installed at her home, Thao Ly spent four to five hours every day collecting firewood for cooking.  Now, with enthusiasm for the project and with time free for other useful work, Thao Ly has become a mason and is working on biogas digester installations for other families in the countryside near Hanoi. “The new biogas system changed my life,” she says, “and now I am helping others do the same!”

With over 158,000 biogas digesters already in use, carbon reductions now exceed over 1 million tonnes annually. And with your support, the good work continues toward the goal of 250,000 systems installed by 2021. Thank you!