Yippee for Yazoo!

November 16, 2017
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tonnes of nitrous oxide emissions reduced annually!

It can get hot in Yazoo City, Mississippi, especially in July and August, but Yazoo City is a very cool place.

Yazoo City, home to 11,000 people, situated along the banks of the Yazoo River, is cool for a lot of reasons, but particularly for one very special reason. First, the other reasons: nice people, friendly community, beautiful countryside, the annual blues festival, the cheerfully colorful town center, Grace’s Hardware Store, and Ubons barbeque restaurant (tell them we sent you). Also, the high school football team is so far undefeated this season.

The other reason that Yazoo City is cool is the fertilizer plant. That’s correct. The fertilizer plant owned by CF Industries, where this project supports a nitrous oxide abatement program. Nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas 300 times more powerful than CO₂, is uncool. This project, on the other hand, by reducing nitrous oxide emissions at the fertilizer plant by over 200,000 tonnes annually, is very cool.

And Yazoo City is especially cool because it is part of something very big, something very important, that people like you are doing to save our planet. We call it the Cool Effect (like our name). Think of the butterfly effect, where one small action can amplify to make dramatic change so that a butterfly fluttering its wings in the Brazilian rainforest might eventually cause a cool breeze to sweep through Yazoo City on a hot July evening. One small action to stop global warming, amplified by the action and support of many like-minded and engaged people, accumulates to create a widespread movement for positive change. That’s the Cool Effect. You are part of it, and, because of you, Yazoo City is part of it too.

To all supporters of this project, to all of you who are part of the Cool Effect, the people of Yazoo City, a very cool place, say, “Thank you.”