Game Changer

June 22, 2018
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550,000 people

benefit from this project

When you experience a game-changing event, you feel like the light in the whole sky changes. Things are different, better. Your world blooms. Your life is easier.

In Vietnam, biogas digesters have become game changers. Yes, that’s correct, biogas digesters. Ask Thuy Nguyen (pronounced: Twee Nwin). Thuy used to spend at least two to three hours every day, sometimes more, collecting firewood. But then, with your support and with the assistance of this project, she installed a biogas digester on her family farm, converting animal waste into clean methane fuel for the home and producing organic fertilizer for her crops. She counts off the benefits one by one: No more firewood, clean fuel for cooking and lighting, fertilizer for our crops, more income, more time for family, a cleaner farm, and a healthier planet. Game changer.

With your support, this project has achieved its first goal and is back to do more. Over 158,000 biogas digesters have been built across Vietnam, benefiting over 550,000 people and reducing carbon emissions by more than one million tonnes per year. That’s a game changer—for Thuy, for Vietnam, for our climate, and for our future.

Thuy Nguyen feels good fortune has changed her life. With a huge smile and beaming pleasure in her eyes, she says, “Thank You! Thank you for your support!”