From Confrontation to Partnership

September 7, 2018
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4,000 hectares

of forest have been saved

When the Alto Mayo National Forest was originally established, government representatives announced that logging was henceforth prohibited. Limitations were also imposed to restrict farming, hunting, and water use. When the local people heard this for the first time, they said, “What? No! We have to live!” Unfortunately, lines of confrontation were drawn.

Compliance was impossible because local farmers used basic methods to work the land. Abdias Vasquez, a coffee farmer who lives the forest, was dismayed. He approached the government officials to say, OK, we’ll try, but please show us how.

The project developers stepped in to help. In return for agreeing to conserve the rainforest, they have begun to teach farmers modern techniques and water management. They also support farmers with instruction on organic fertilizer and alternative income sources. This is exactly what Abdias and his neighbors had been hoping for.

The confrontation was thus transformed to a partnership. Your support has contributed to over 1,000 conservation agreements being signed with local families. Now the majority of the community supports the project. Locals are able to sustain a living in the rainforest while being its most ardent conservators. Over 4,000 hectares of forest have been saved or restored and over 6 million tonnes of carbon emissions avoided.

“There was a change in my feeling toward nature. Now, I dedicate my life to natural resources.” Abdias is grateful for the forest, grateful for his small but thriving farm, and grateful for your generous support. Thank you for making this possible!