Far and Wide

September 7, 2018
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45,000 tonnes

of CO2 emissions reduced every year

For Lakshmi, a widow in the small village of Rascheruvu, India, life seemed to be closing in. After her husband passed away, Lakshmi was forced to sell her two cows to make ends meet, but without the cows, she had no animal waste for the biogas digester she and her husband had installed. That meant no clean fuel for cooking and hot water. At her old age, walking miles every day to collect firewood was just not feasible.

That’s when her neighbors, a young couple, visited Lakshmi to inquire about the biogas digester. They offered Lakshmi a win-win idea. With their four cows, the couple would provide animal waste for the digester, providing Lakshmi with fuel. Plus they would all share the organic fertilizer, which is a by-product of the digester. Excellent.

Now, Lakshmi does not collect firewood, and she grows more food. The young couple increased the production from their crops and income with the fertilizer. Now they are planning to start a family.

By supporting this project, you have helped to install over 18,000 biogas digesters in rural India, which reduce CO₂ emissions by 45,000 tonnes annually. And a widower has renewed her life. Your good deed for climate change goes far and wide. Thank you for your support!