— Cooking With Gas

Good Move

September 7, 2018
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4.1 million tonnes

of CO₂ emissions reduced so far

It was a crazy time. Yuying and her family needed a new house. When her brother-in-law got married, he, as the eldest son, took over the family farm, because that’s how things still work in rural China. So, hastily, Yuying, with her husband and two children, gathered their savings and built a house on adjacent land in rural Sichuan, China.

Through this project, Yuying had learned about the advantages of biogas digesters, and it was she, ever practical, who dealt with the local contractor. Would it be possible, she asked, to build a biogas digester for their new home? Yes, she was told, no problem. How much, she asked.

With the help of this project, and with your support, the biogas digester was built at Yuying’s new house for about $140. That’s a lot of money, what with everything else involved with a new house. But by converting animal waste into clean methane gas for cooking, Yuying found that the savings in charcoal alone paid for the digester in one year. Now, those savings cover the mortgage, with a bit left over. On top of that, the fertilizer produced by the digester dramatically increases both their crops and the family’s income. Wow, good move, Yuying.

Because of your support, over a million people directly benefit from this project, but, truly, we all benefit. With 400,000 biogas digesters installed all across rural Sichuan, this project reduces CO₂ emissions by an equivalent of 750,000 tonnes every year, and correspondingly reduces the consumption of climate-unfriendly coal, firewood, charcoal, and chemical fertilizers.

For your support, and for all of those amazing, climate-friendly accomplishments, Xie Xie! Thank you!