— Native American Methane Capture

Making History

September 7, 2018
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60,000 tonnes

greenhouse gases prevented from entering the atmosphere every year

It is said that the value of history is to teach today through past moments of breakthrough and triumph. This helps us guide our way through the distinctly modern challenges we face in the present.

The people of the Southern Ute tribe are the oldest residents of Colorado. The tribe knows something of history and its many lessons for the present day, which include a prominent respect for nature. Ten years ago, the Southern Ute people made a historic decision to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on their reservation. Methane seeps naturally from underground coal beds and is a greenhouse gas 30 times as powerful as CO₂. The tribe saw an opportunity, and immediately acted, voluntarily, to capture that methane on their land before it could enter the atmosphere. They also distribute it via local pipeline for use as clean natural gas.

With your support, another historic milestone was recently achieved. This year, the project will have reduced greenhouse gas emissions cumulatively by over 400,000 tonnes. That’s equivalent to the greenhouse gases produced in a year by nearly 87,000 cars. With your continued support, the Southern Ute Indian tribe will be able to continue this environmental triumph into the future.

If we keep this up, and if we all get involved, we will together make history. Thank you! Thank you for your support!