Excellent, Indeed.

April 24, 2019
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biogas digesters built

Everyone in Vietnam drinks tea, and they are all true tea connoisseurs. There is little debate, however, that the best green tea comes from Thai Nguyen Province up north. In this province, Mai Duc Tran’s tea is considered to be among the very best of the best.

Mai Duc’s tea farm, green and serene, has been in the family for generations. She proudly works all day tending to the tea plants, to the vegetable gardens and, most enjoyably, caring for her children. She has no time to spend hours every day collecting firewood for cooking and heating. So, when Mai Duc heard about the climate-friendly biogas digesters offered by this project, which convert bio-waste into clean methane fuel for the household, she understood and had one built right away. “Thật xuất sắc”, she says, “It is excellent.” And her excellent tea? With the organic fertilizer produced by the digester, the quality of her tea has gotten even better, even more famous, and buyers compete to pay her a 50% premium for her crop.

Now, and most gratifying of all, is how your support for this project has helped Planet Earth and our climate. With 172,000 biogas digesters already installed, thousands of hectares of forest have been saved from firewood destruction, chemical fertilizer use is diminished and, with each digester annually eliminating 6.8 tonnes of CO₂ emissions, over 1 million tonnes of CO₂ are prevented from entering our atmosphere every year. Thật xuất sắc. Excellent, indeed. Thank you for your support!