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Native American Methane Capture

Since the beginning of time, the mountains of Colorado have been shifting. When they shift, gases from deep inside the core of the earth are released. The Southern Ute Tribe has learned how to capture this leaking gas and redirect it into energy.

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How it works

Methane is best known as the primary component of natural gas. It is a by-product of nature’s formation of coal, occurring over millions of years. When geological forces raise coal to the surface of the earth, methane escapes into the atmosphere. By channeling the methane into natural gas pipelines for public use, this project helps the environment by first eliminating the release of greenhouse gas, and then doubles the benefit by reusing the methane as a clean energy resource. Wow!

  • Over 60,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions are eliminated every year by this project
  • Provides jobs and income for members of the Southern Ute tribe
  • Decreases local demand for natural gas, mitigating the need for invasive drilling elsewhere
  • Methane is highly flammable and can cause sudden fires
  • Currently, the Tribe is not profiting from this project, but continues to manage it because it supports their values
  • The project requires consistent funding to maintain infrastructure

Why we chose this project

Global greenhouse gas emissions from coal mining are hugely detrimental to the environment.

Several methodologies have been approved by the United Nations to mitigate the effects of methane emissions from mining coal, but almost all the projects that used these methodologies have closed due to the methodological complexities and uncertainties associated with the quantity and quality of methane gas from coal seams.

This project is one of the few very successful projects that started by devising a new methodology and has gone through a painstakingly long process of approval. The project is a pilot initiative that is a model for many thousands of similar coal mining operations across the world.

-Sid Yadav, CEO Global Offset Research

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