Alto Mayo Protected Forest

Tropical forests are the Earth’s lungs—absorbing CO₂ and releasing oxygen. This project seeks to protect nearly 450,000 acres from deforestation. More trees = more oxygen.

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How it works

The Alto Mayo forest has a simple formula for planet-saving success: save trees in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By teaming up with the local government and communities the project provides education and economic incentives to the local people in exchange for taking care of the land.

  • Fights deforestation and reduces an average of 500,000 tonnes of carbon pollution annually
  • Protects 400+ bird and 3,000 plant species, many of which are found nowhere else on Earth
  • Rejuvenates the forest that provides fresh water to 240,000 people living downstream
  • Gives a price premium to farmers for certified organic coffee which raises household incomes
  • Directly benefits over 600 families from project activities, including improved coffee yields and food security
  • Due to its size, the Alto Mayo Protection Forest requires significant resources to protect it
  • Changing people’s behavior requires time for education and the building of trust. Locals must see results to continue to protect the land
  • Establishing organic, sustainable coffee production systems is a process that takes years and can be subject to many external risks, such as pests and disease, erratic weather patterns, and market fluctuations

Who it helps

With more than 6 million tonnes of greenhouse gases reduced to date, this project is definitely helping to save the planet.  It also helps local families and ensures that for generations to come, people will enjoy this precious forest.

From Tree Logger to Tree Lover

Norbil was a logger in Alto Mayo who cut trees illegally to support his family. One day he saw a beautiful hummingbird hovering over an orchid. He saw the harmony of the forest in a new way and became determined to stop logging. He contacted this project and they helped him launch a new ecotourism preserve. Today Norbil is both a successful business owner and an inspiring forest defender.

Why we chose this project

When we visited this project in 2016, we were amazed to see the real impact of its conservation initiatives. With your help, we’ll hopefully be able to place the entire region under the conservation initiative to stop the irreversible loss to the flora and fauna in this unique biome.

We recommend this project because of its success in instilling sustainable and participatory farming techniques in coffee plantations within the protected forest area.

-Sid Yadav, CEO Global Offset Research

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Project updates

Alto Mayo Protected Forest

Real results for the rainforest

Alto Mayo Protected Forest

Norbil, orchids, and hummingbirds

Alto Mayo Protected Forest

Breathing new life into the Earth

Alto Mayo Protected Forest

From breaking the law to building a future

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