Better Coffee, Smaller Impact

March 6, 2018
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hectares of forest saved or restored!

To protect the world’s rainforests, talk to the local villagers. They know the rainforest’s beauty and bounty, and they depend upon it for their survival and way of life. They want to help. Working with the local community, the Alto Mayo Protected Forest in Peru is saving trees as well as the species that call it home. In return for pledges, local villagers are developing new sustainable farming techniques. Mrs. Rojas lives on her family farm in the rainforest. She has seen how the forest has changed and how species of plants and animals that were once flourishing have begun to decline. She took a special interest in endangered species of orchids and took steps to help save them by pledging to use new farming techniques introduced by the project. Other villagers followed her example. The result has been a sharp decline in the harvest of endangered orchids. Neighboring coffee farmers have also joined the project and learned to produce better coffee on less land. These are just two examples of the hundreds of families in Alto Mayo who have joined forces producing amazing results: over 4,000 hectares of forest have been saved or restored, and over six million tonnes of carbon pollution reduced from the atmosphere. Word is spreading, and more are participating. Your support of this project has created a growing global village that is supporting a growing local village to protect the forest and fight climate change. From Mrs. Rojas, and many others, “Thank you for making this possible.”