A Sight to See

April 24, 2019
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Sara Cuipal lives in Aguas Verdes. She is the daughter of Zoila Alvarez and proud mother of a 10 year old girl. Sara’s family began the orchid garden four years ago with the help of conservation agreements which are provided by this project. The orchard has been passed down from her mother and grandmother to Sara. Sara plans to pass it down to her daughter.

Because of the care and nurturing from Sara’s family, the orchard now has more than 300 plants of different varieties. Each donation to The Alto Mayo Protected Forest in Peru helps to encourage Sara’s family to continue to protect unique floral and fauna that are native to the region. Sara’s favorite orchid is the Lady’s Slipper. In Sara’s honor, Cool Effect is featuring it in the Blooming Bundle to help spread the word and honor moms everywhere, including Mother Earth.

“More and more visitors are coming to give us encouragement to continue with this project and conserve these different varieties of plants.” Thank you, Sara, and to our community for their support of this project and Sara’s family.