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April 24, 2019
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4.8 million

tonnes reduced

Take joy, Planet Earth, we have good news! This project, by providing biogas digesters to households in Sichuan, China, recently achieved the outstanding milestone of eliminating a total of 4.8 million tonnes of CO₂ emissions to date. That’s equivalent to the emissions from over one million cars for a full year. Your support for this project made this possible. Take joy in what you have helped to accomplish!

And there is joy, too, in Sichuan, spreading like sunshine unhidden by a passing cloud. Almost 400,000 rural households – well over a million people – now benefit from this project, including Jia Yuming, a kindly grandmother who has lived all of her 68 years in Hujue Village. Her joy is in the life she shares on the family farm with her husband, her son and daughter-in-law, and her two grandchildren. No longer collecting firewood is another of her joys. With the help of this project, the family installed a biogas digester on their farm, and she no longer needs to collect firewood because the digester provides free, clean methane fuel for cooking and heating, along with fertilizer for the crops, more income and more time together for the family. That’s all cause for joy, as is, by the way, Jian Yuming’s Sichuan-spiced cooking, unanimously agreed to be an otherworldly culinary joy, and so much easier and cleaner now with biogas fuel. Our climate is joyously unburdened of all that firewood carbon, too.

Jia Yuming exclaims, “We are very happy that Cool Effect and its clients support us. Thank you!” Planet Earth, and our climate, joyously concur. Thank you for your support!