Dickinson College strives to reduce environmental impact and reach carbon neutrality. We’ve made great progress—cutting annual emissions by 45 percent since 2008. To reach our goal of net-zero emissions, we’re asking for the help of our students, parents, alumni, and employees.

We’ve partnered with Cool Effect to enable members of the Dickinson community to purchase carbon credits to help offset Dickinson’s emissions. Our members’ contributions will support a carbon sequestration project—the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary—located just 80 miles from Dickinson on the Kittatinny Ridge in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Support of this carbon reduction project will also support preservation of a globally important flyway and wildlife habitat.

Domestic Travel


International Travel


Domestic Travel

= 0 tonnes

International Travel

= 0 tonnes
Total Travel Offset
1 tonne = $14.62 USD

Where Does The Money Go?

Cool Effect is home to over a dozen projects around the globe, all working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions everyday.

More than 90% of each dollar you donate goes directly to helping our projects, with a small fee of only 9.87% to help us cover credit charges, research, and possible registration fees.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • 1.5% Research Fee
  • 2–4% Credit Card Fee
  • Registry Fee (where applicable)
  • Remainder for Cool Effect Administration Fee

Who is Cool Effect?

Cool Effect works with the world’s best carbon-reducing projects, giving people an easy way to effectively fight climate change. Combining science and transparency, our approach allows individuals to verifiably reduce carbon emissions and help transform communities around the world.