Helping moms-and Mother Earth

September 30, 2016
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Meet Nguyen Thi Huong. She’s a paddy rice farmer who’s reaping the benefits of cleaner cooking. She says, “Before clean biogas, cooking was a hazardous job. My kitchen would become smoky with black particles. The ash would make me cough the whole day.”

The worst part? Her children were also suffering. Having to collect fuelwood every day from the mangroves on top of rearing the pigs and tending to the fields left little time for the kids. You gave Thi Huong the gift of biogas—which has given her the gift of time. Thi Huong says, “I can actually play with the kids now. And it even got rid of my cough and eye infections.”

The benefits of biogas go beyond the home. It protects forests, improves air quality, and even fuels new businesses. So, on behalf of everyone here at Cool Effect (and Mother Earth), we thank you.