Sparking stoves-and new beginnings

September 30, 2016
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Meet this little boy from Eutemio Miraval’s family living in the Huanchaco region of Peru. Unfortunately, his family’s old stove was barely working at all. The slightest breeze would scatter ash and smoke around the home. Gathering wood for a fire was like gathering wood to build a small house. And it always seemed to result in more fumes than flame. The health hazard was obvious, and Eutemio constantly worried about his kids. When the village announced a training session in Tingo Chico to introduce the efficient stove, he had his doubts.

Eventually, he warmed up to the new stove—and since installing it, life for his family has made a 180. “The stoves burn more efficiently now. And because the smoke escapes through the chimney, the children are more comfortable. There’s no more worry of disease, the house is cleaner, and it’s brought the family tranquility.”